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I’ve been intrigued by some of the t-shirt infinity scarves I’ve seen on Pinterest and decided to try my own… I can’t wear scarves with any wool in them because I’m allergic to it and it itches like crazy. Soft t-shirt material seems like a good alternative!

I first started out with two Old Navy t-shirts that I don’t wear much anymore and cut strips horizontally across, stopping about 2 inches from the seam.

Then I tried pulling and stretching each piece, but found that neither of these shirts curled like they are supposed to!!! How disappointing. These shirts were 100% cotton and seemed like the right kind of thickness.

So, I headed out to the thrift store and picked up a couple more t-shirts… and proceeded to cut them into 1 – 1.5 inch strips:

Then, doubtfully this time, I started to pull each strip and this time it worked beautifully! The teal striped shirt was 100% cotton from American Eagle Outfitters, and the other one was 100% bamboo. Both were slightly thicker than the Old Navy t-shirts that failed miserably. I also tried a grey cotton t-shirt that was thicker than these two, but it didn’t curl as nicely… it looks o.k. but these ones are definitely better. So it seems that the thickness is the key to having the strips curl in on themselves  – not too thin, but not too thick!

I chose this teal striped one because I thought it would look really interesting once cut, with the alternating colors. I think this is my favorite and teal is my FAVOURITE. COLOR. EVER. (in all of it’s wonderful hues).

This bamboo one I liked not only for the color, but because it feels so soft!!

Here’s a picture of the grey one – notice how the curls are a little flat? It just does not look as nicely rounded as the other two. This one was a little thicker and was 100% cotton. YUCK.Linking up to the parties listed here and WOW.