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I picked up this burlap bag at a local thrift store, thinking I could either use is as is, or cut it up and use the burlap for another project. I didn’t really like the Winnipeg graphic on it…

I tried turning it inside out, and it actually looks great with the inseams showing, so I decided I’d try to transfer a french graphic to it from the Graphics Fairy (sorry I can’t find the exact link now!)

For this project, I’m using the Freezer Paper Method. I followed a great tutorial that you can check out here: tutorial

Here’s what I did:

1. Cut a piece of freezer paper just slightly larger than a standard piece of printer paper.

2. Use spray adhesive to attach the printer paper to the side of the freezer paper that isn’t “waxy”.

3. Trim the freezer paper to the exact size of your printer paper.

4. Print image of your choice (print mirror image for ones with lettering) on your inkjet printer (make sure the ink prints on the waxy side).

5. Dampen your surface very lightly with a sponge or spray bottle (or fine mist) and burnish the back of the paper until image is transferred.

I chose this image from the graphics fairy because it has that “french market” feel to it and I will be using this bag for grocery shopping and for taking lunch to work!

Here it is in action at Whole Foods…


Voila! A very chic French Market Bag!

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