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I haven’t been up to very much in the way of furniture projects lately – not for lack of furniture (the pile in the garage keeps getting bigger)! No, it’s all because I made a bad choice…. you see, last February 2011 I bought a Groupon for Photo Book Canada. I thought it was time to get into the photo book craze and thought this would be a better way of cataloging and condensing all of our family photos into a yearly photo book. So I bought the groupon and it’s sat there in cyberspace for the last eleven and a half months! Yup, I realized last week that it expires at the end of the month, so unless I wanted to just kiss that money bye bye, I’d better get my act together. There’s nothing like working under pressure!

So, basically this past week I’ve been in photo book HELL…. because not only do I have to create the photo books (and using the software has a bit of a learning curve the first time), but I have to go through the past TWO years of photos and edit all of them (many of them were not even organized into folders yet!)!!!!!

Anyway, I do feel good about getting this enormous project underway, but I’ve literally been spending about 3 hours a night working on the computer. I’ve now completed the first book and have sent in the order!! Yeah!! One down, one to go!! I’ve learned my lesson for next year. I’m determined to try to edit my photos as soon as I upload them and put them into folders right away. I can’t wait to see how they turn out and will share more about this experience when they arrive!!

In the meantime, I do have a little table to share:

I inherited this cast-off  from my sister-in-law (sorry no before pics – but it was a very plain Jane table) and through on some Benjamin Moore Ivory paint using my chalk paint recipe. I added the stencil using grey acrylic paint and then lightly distressed the stencil and surface of the table. Two coats of poly acrylic finished it off.

Here’s a picture of the legs… the whole thing was this colour to start.

So have you joined Linky Tools yet? I know many of you are bummed that GFC is going away for non-blogger blogs. I was never able to get GFC because my blog is WordPress.com (which is the free version of WordPress.org) and it doesn’t support javascript (whatever that means).

I’m personally excited that linky tools can be used for both blogspot and wordpress blogs and I hope you’ll follow me there (on my sidebar) and leave me a comment letting me know and I’ll follow you right back!!

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