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I’ve made lots of homemade chalk paint over the past year, but have really wanted to get my hands on some Annie Sloan and CeCe Caldwell paint to try it out as well. Unfortunately, the distributors for both these paints are either in Maple Ridge and Langley (a fair drive from Vancouver just for paint) – so when I was at the Vintage Market a few weeks ago and saw that they had the CeCe Caldwell paints available there, I jumped at the chance and bought a few colors to try.

I tried Young Wheat on this table I picked up last week:I have to say I just love this paint. I love the way it goes on so smoothly; love the way it dries so quickly; I even love the way it smells! Compared to homemade chalk paint, it wins hands down and in my opinion is worth the $42. I think it will go a long way and will let you know how many pieces I can get out of one can. It also distresses much more easily than homemade chalkpaint, and you can use either sand paper or a damp cloth to distress. I think my favourite thing about it is that it’s 100% natural – no breathing in harsh paint fumes and toxins. I applied two and a half coats to this table, distressing a little between coats. I also applied the CeCe Satin Finish, which I didn’t intend to buy (I asked for the wax, but I think they put in the wrong can and I didn’t notice), but decided to try anyway and really liked it too. I still think I would prefer a wax, but the satin finish really brought out the paint colour nicely. The photo directly above is the colour the table really is (the photo above looks lighter due to the full sun).

My next goal this summer is to compare CeCe paint with Annie Sloan!

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